Mental Health Monday – Week 100

Before getting into this week’s topic I’d like to acknowledge the fact that this series has been ongoing for 100 consecutive weeks! 🥳

I’m so proud of the Mental Health Monday series & all the topics I covered.

When I started this project I didn’t envision it would go this far but I single-handedly created a self-care club for myself & others.

I’m so thankful for my readers & listeners, the support for this series has truly been unmatched!

The fact that I’ve been able to share pieces of my story & be this vulnerable is amazing but the fact that you guys can relate lets me know that this series was completely necessary & needed.

When I started the series I was in a totally different space…

Looking back it’s a little painful to remember where I was when I started it but it’s beautiful to see the growth.

For the final week of the Mental Health Monday series I’d like to discuss confidently changing.

Confidence is believing in yourself & your capabilities.

Being able to confidently go after your goals or make changes is something not everyone can do.

The other day I was reminded that what I do isn’t for the faint of heart & that it takes courage to really go after your dreams even if nobody understands.

I’m so grateful I get to live the life I’ve always wanted, where I can work for myself & take care of home.

Being able to further heal & transmute traumatic energy has helped me become more confident as I continue to change & evolve as an individual.

Confidently changing has allowed me to better lead myself & others, it’s allowed me to trust my inner-knowing without second guessing myself, it’s broadened my perspective, & has allowed me to better extend grace to others, being more compassionate in my approach.

Confidently changing requires growth & also takes time, but it’s transformative in many ways.

Confidently changing is knowing that you have the skills & positive traits necessary to face challenges & deal with difficult circumstances.

It’s knowing that you’re your best resource.

Throughout this series my goal was to not only create a safe space for my readers & listeners but to always encourage them to push themselves forward by self-sufficiency.

Every topic covered for the past 100 weeks has discussed some form of self-sufficiency & I want to leave that with you all today because as much as society & capitalism rely on our neediness I’d like to think I’ve left you with timeless gems to turn back to throughout this series to help you sit with your feelings of neediness & create better boundaries.

Being a lending hand to others & accepting a helping hand are apart of confidently changing but so is relying & trusting ourselves.

One thing I learned that I wasn’t so privy to prior to writing this series is that in times of stress, grief, sadness, anger, or depression we can always come back to self & not claim the dis-ease we feel & experience.

Coming back to self is the only sounding board you need to validate you & your ideas.

Never lose sight of self in any mission, whether that be financially, emotionally, romantically, or platonically.

Continue to take up space, show up wholeheartedly, & keep yourself in the center of everything you’re apart of while being integral.

Everything starts & ends with you.

As I close out today’s topic & end a series that’s been going on for almost 2 years, it’s bittersweet…

I’m so proud of myself & you all who’ve challenged yourself during this time.

It’s been a journey thus far & will continue to be.

Remember that healing isn’t linear, there will still be ups & downs because that’s just how life goes, but it also doesn’t mean that you aren’t deserving nor willing of change or healing.

When you’re lost, try to remember why you started in the first place.

Positive education always corrects error & I hope you take these tools with you & apply them where necessary in your life to better inner-stand yourself & others.

Although the Mental Health Monday series may be coming to a close, that doesn’t mean my activism ends here.

After celebrating the 1 year anniversary of MML RADIO, I wanted to elevate the station & incorporate a little more meaning behind it.

Music is an outlet many of us use to express ourselves & while a years worth of curated playlists have set the tone for different occasions, szns, & feelings, I want to actually vocalize some of those thoughts & feelings we have that make us want to listen to music at all.

If you’re familiar with me, you know my writing has been the start of my entrepreneurial career a decade ago, from there I merged into fashion, & for the last year I’ve somewhat tapped into music by creating the MML RADIO station.

I’m proud to announce that my lover & friend Réva & I have joined together to discuss various topics that affect us & our mental.

Intent Talk is a segment & safe space held where we are intentional in all things discussed.

The playlists I now curate will be themed by the topic we choose to discuss each week.

This time around we’re providing vibes & perspective & we look forward to taking callers & requests during the segment.

To partake: download the Station Head app, create your free account, & follow us! –

Join us every Friday at 4:44pm via Station Head! 🎙️

Thank you for sharing this space with me, it’s been an absolute pleasure! 🫶🏽


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