Mental Health Monday – Week 7

This week I’d like to discuss surrendering.

It’s hard to surrender to the unknown but sometimes we need to embrace the totality of the moment because there’s more than meets the eye.

Today I encourage you all to surrender:

⁃ Comfort zones

⁃ Control

⁃ Complaining

⁃ Comparisons

⁃ Misery

⁃ Entitlement

⁃ Expectations

⁃ Validation

⁃ Shame

⁃ Judgement

⁃ Limiting Beliefs

⁃ Mistakes

⁃ Ego

⁃ Fear

⁃ Negative vocabulary

⁃ Overthinking

⁃ Old heartbreak

⁃ Perfectionism

⁃ Doubts

⁃ Anger

⁃ Resentment

⁃ Grudges

⁃ The need to be right

⁃ The past

Instead lets embrace:

⁃ Love

⁃ Support

⁃ Commitment

⁃ Gratitude

⁃ Hope

⁃ Faith

⁃ Change

⁃ Courage

⁃ Balance

⁃ Progression

⁃ Patience

⁃ Self discipline

We often resist the surrender making things harder for ourselves.

If we just embraced the discomfort & go with the flow of things maybe life would be easier for us all.

During this time, practice surrendering all those negative qualities that keep you stuck in a lack mindset.

Everyday that we wake up, we have a choice.

Choose to embrace all of the small things.

Learn to create space for the goodness around you even if you strive for more.

Cultivate gratitude daily & be thankful for even the simplest of things.

I find that people are so quick to give up & throw things away out of fear, pride, resentment, or whatever the case may be.

When was it decided that the very same things we wanted all along are now disposable when not met with ease?

In the soul’s journey patience is required but also accepting that everything happens in Divine order.

It truly doesn’t take all day to recognize sunshine.

Choose to embrace the light instead of blindly traveling through the dark.

As always, be kind to yourself & others while navigating the surrendering process.


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