It’s the 19th so you know what that means… more techniques to help us evolve into our higher selves. *YAY!*

I think going forward the blog posts done on the 19th of each month will be focusing on techniques that’ll revolve around the conversation of mental health or discuss topics regarding such.

With that being said, lets get right into it. Today I’d like to discuss playing small.

Why are we like this?

Why don’t we acknowledge ourselves yet seek validation from others?

Playing small has become such a norm to many because they were made to feel small as children.

Sometimes people don’t even realize how often they down themselves or seek approval.

It happens in the slightest of ways but all the times we play small tend to add up.

Sometimes we make ourselves small by:

⁃ Deflecting compliments

⁃ Saying “yes” when we really want to say “no”

⁃ Saying “it’s nothing” when it’s really something

⁃ Comparing our journeys with others

⁃ Apologizing for our feelings

⁃ Lying about who we are, especially to ourselves

⁃ Choosing people who aren’t choosing us

Word of advice, take the compliment!

Say “no” if you don’t feel like doing something.

Tell someone when something is bothering you.

Stop comparing journeys with others, we are all on our own paths.

Stop apologizing for how you feel, your feelings are valid.

Be honest about who you are, what you want, & what you do.

Choose people who reciprocate your time, love, & efforts.

Stop playing small to make others comfortable.

Be who you are & be proud of that!


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