Mental Health Monday – Week 8

Before getting into this week’s topic, I’d like to take a minute to acknowledge that this week’s Mental Health Monday blog post marks 2 months worth of write ups dedicated to helping shape & expand the minds of my readers weekly.

Thank you all for diligently reading my work, sharing it, & leaving comments publicly as well as privately. I truly appreciate it.

With that being said, lets get right into it… this week I’d like to discuss seeking approval & validation.

As humans, we’re all guilty of this.

We want our family, friends, & even strangers to be proud of us & the things we do but here’s the thing…

When people aren’t happy with themselves or with what they have going on, they won’t find or have space to be happy for you or your accomplishments.

We need to stop seeking approval from others & do what it is that we are being called to do without overthinking it just because we didn’t get the co-sign we hoped for.

This doesn’t only involve acknowledgement of our accomplishments, but also includes seeking love from people who aren’t in a space to provide that to us.

Sometimes you have to leave people where they’re at.

Learn to clap for yourself.

Acknowledge your own accomplishments without needing to hear it from others.

Define the why’s of whatever you’re doing, the true motivation behind it, & you won’t need anyone’s approval.

Of course it’s nice to hear, but as you noticed at the start of today’s blog post I took a minute to acknowledge 2 months worth of write ups & not because it’s a huge milestone but because of the impact it’s had on others for such a short amount of time. That’s worth acknowledging, as well as the readers who support my work.

I learned a while ago that we aren’t always going to get the approval of others or be celebrated because most times people aren’t in a head or heart space big enough to do that for themselves so how can we expect that from them for us?

Shit… lets call a spade, a spade & say that sometimes they just be hating on your ideas or plans anyway.

Learn who to share your good news with.

Learn to celebrate yourself.

Learn to nurture yourself.

Learn to provide yourself with the love you crave from others.

While learning to do these things for yourself, you may feel alone but know that your strides are not in vain.

There will come a time that those people will wish they have treated you better.

Remember to talk nice to yourself.


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