Mental Health Monday – Week 9

This week I’d like to discuss affirming ourselves. I think it’s important to cultivate the habit of affirming ourselves & our needs so today I will be creating a list of 20 affirmations that I hope lifts you up & inspires you to maybe write your own.


⁃ Money flows to me with ease.

⁃ I am covered & taken care of.

⁃ I am rich not just monetarily but also in the mind, body, & soul.

⁃ I am beautiful just as I am.

⁃ I love my body & it loves me back.

⁃ I honor myself & my feelings.

⁃ I am stable & provide stabilization to those in my life.

⁃ The love I give is reciprocated ten times over because I am deserving & worthy of it.

⁃ My business will continue to thrive & be successful.

⁃ I am grateful for the things I do & don’t have.

⁃ I am phenomenal.

⁃ I am protected.

⁃ I am open to receiving all the abundance headed my way.

⁃ I am bountiful.

⁃ I radiate love wherever I go.

⁃ I speak kindly to myself & release the need to negatively judge myself.

⁃ I hold myself accountable.

⁃ I embrace who I am wholeheartedly.

⁃ I am more than enough even if others don’t think so.

⁃ I am proud of myself.

Affirmations can be written or spoken out loud.

The point of writing or reciting these messages to yourself is to believe & most importantly feel they are true.

The more you incorporate affirming yourself into your daily schedule the easier it’ll become.

Hold space for yourself & let go of anything contradicting your affirmations.

Journaling your affirmations daily is another great way to affirm yourself & your feelings.

Mirror work may be helpful as well, as it gives you an opportunity to look yourself in the face & speak kindly to yourself.

I ask my readers this week to join me in affirming ourselves, our goals, & our dreams.

Take affirmative action & talk nicely.


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