This month I’d like to share some tips on how to raise your vibrations.

Sometimes people aren’t operating at their highest vibration due to toxic habits, behaviors, or inner turmoil they’ve yet to face.

Unless one becomes aware of these things they’ll continually drain their positive energy.

Some ways to raise your vibrations can be to focus on the joys of life.

Practice deep breathing exercises.

Stretching & moving your body around helps shake up any stagnant energy you may be holding on to.

Meditating in a comfortable environment.

Writing your thoughts down in a journal is found to be therapeutic & a great outlet to express yourself.

Staying hydrated & eating raw foods such as fruits & vegetables will also help elevate your vibrations.

Partaking in these types of practices will not only help you raise your vibrations but also help you stay mindful & accountable.

Think of these things next time you’re not having the best of days, see which will be the most helpful to you.

Keeping your vibrations high is important especially during a pandemic because if you’re constantly in low vibrations your immune system will suffer as well.

Let’s try to do at least one of these tips once a week to help keep our vibrations where they should be.


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