Mental Health Monday – Week 13

This week I’d like to discuss healthy self-talk & talking nicely to yourself.

It seems like such an easy task right?

But… is it really?

Why is it that you can pay someone a compliment before you can pay yourself one?

Why do you overly criticize yourself to the point you tell yourself you need to change how you look?

Why don’t you ever look at yourself in the mirror & say “I look good!” instead of covering up & nitpicking your entire being?

Why do you feel the need to complain?

These questions are important to ask because it can maybe help you identify why you’re so cruel to yourself.

If you’re courageous enough to leave a comment below that would be great to keep this conversation going but if you’re more reserved, maybe you can use these questions as journal prompts for you to write about in private.

Truly ask yourself why you’re programmed to speak this way to yourself.

Some may find that this behavior stems from abuse or lack of uplifting emotions.

Sometimes this behavior is learned by seeing others constantly talk negatively about themselves.

Regardless of where this behavior comes from for you, today’s discussion is to put an end to this lack mindset & embrace who you are wholeheartedly.

Know that nobody’s perfect, not even the celebs who are idolized.

We are all here for our soul’s purpose & we were made to fit the criteria of our purpose just as we are.

We don’t need surgeries to enhance our bodies or faces.

We don’t need to excessively workout to the point of exhaustion.

We don’t need to starve ourselves to the verge of passing out.

We don’t need to do anything to impress anyone.

We don’t need to prove any points.

Operating from a stance of proving points is only going to leave you unfulfilled & still seeking approval.

You need to love who you are.

You need to be satisfied with what you have. – No, there’s nothing wrong with being goal oriented but showing gratitude for yourself, your capabilities, & the things you already have will make all the difference when you’re in pursuit of what’s next.

Lots of people tend to think “when I get [insert item], I’ll be happy” but then that thing comes & you’re not as happy as you thought.

Happiness comes from within.

Love comes from within.

The more you criticize yourself, the further away you become from honing in on internal happiness & love.

Stop pushing yourself away.

The same love you show to others, give back to yourself.

The same way you’re helpful to everyone else, help yourself.

Fill your cup up.

Talk nicely to yourself.

Treat yourself, if you can. – I feel called to tell someone reading/ listening not to be spending the rent or grocery money though.

All in all, every week I tend to sign off reminding people to be kind to themselves & others but this week I want you to look at yourself in the mirror & wrap your arms around yourself. Squeeze & give yourself a hug, tell yourself that you’re proud of how far you’ve come. After you’re done, look back in the mirror & blow yourself a kiss, tell yourself you love you.

For my male readers & listeners, don’t think you’re too cool to do this either. Change the dialogue if you must, but love on yourself.

I encourage everyone to take time to answer the prompts whether it be privately or amongst your tribe to really dive deep into understanding why compassion isn’t shown to us, by us. I also encourage doing the mirror work to help lay insecurities to rest.

As always, be gentle with yourself while doing this work but put some respect on your own name!

Like I said last week… stop comparing & start cultivating!


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  1. What a great reminder ❤️

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