Mental Health Monday – Week 14

This week I’d like to discuss accountability.

To be accountable means to take responsibility of your actions & words, especially after doing or saying something harmful.

There is no one size fits all model for repairing harm.

Every circumstance is different, however, people need to start taking ownership.

People shy away from accountability because it means they’d have to admit what they’ve done wrong & most people don’t want to acknowledge their wrongs out of ego & pridefulness.

Operating from a place of ego & pride will become anyone’s down fall because you’ll find yourself needing to prove points all the time to make yourself feel better about your wrongs or what you’re saying.

People need to understand the importance of self-discipline in admitting & correcting their wrongs.

I feel this wasn’t taught enough to many which is why you have tons of people thinking they can say & do whatever they want because they’ve never been held accountable.

Stop enabling people who do wrong & start holding them accountable.

Accountability can also be upheld by yourself & that right there is an act of self-love & care.

When you’re able to hold yourself accountable whether it be because you were in the wrong about something or if you just need to hold yourself accountable to become a better version of yourself or to meet & achieve your goals, that’s a practice cultivated & set with intent. It shows awareness of self & your ideas.

All in all, hold yourself & others around you accountable.


4 responses to “Mental Health Monday – Week 14”

  1. Hello, thank you for these post. Do you have any therapist recommendations?

    1. Anna, thank you for reading! As far as recommendations go, I think platforms like TalkSpace or BetterHelp can be helpful with being able to seek out your own therapist to fit your specific needs. If online therapy isn’t for you, I’d say depending on where you’re located you can Google therapist in your area, again to fit YOUR needs. Sometimes people settle for therapist who aren’t licensed to treat their specific needs & I find that won’t be helpful if you aren’t speaking to someone who’s knowledgeable about what you may be experiencing or feeling. I also have shared a list of free resources in Week 1, so you can check that out & see if any apply to you. I hope this helps & know that you got this! 💪🏽

  2. Thank you for replying!! Thank you for everything you do, I’m dealing with a breakup with the person I thought I’d marry so I’m trying really hard to get myself back. I can’t say thank you enough. Keep up the great post!

    1. Ugh I hate to hear that but you will get through this, thank you for your support & I’m sending you lots of love! ❤️

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