Mental Health Monday – Week 16

Welcome back to month 4 of the Mental Health Monday series!

This week I’d like to discuss gratitude.

So often people lose sight of the simple things whenever they get consumed by the stresses of daily life & responsibility.

I too am guilty of doing this in the past.

But as of recently, I am living fully present in the moment.

What is, is & what isn’t, isn’t.

I find myself just enjoying the time spent. Doing things that make me happy. All while eliminating what doesn’t work.

To me, gratitude is being present & being grateful for the moments given.

It’s so easy to pick something apart or to complain about what isn’t working but try approaching things from a grateful perspective & I promise you’ll notice a change in your everyday life.

Live a life being grateful for the opportunities given as well as for having family, health, & love.

So many have lost their lives during the spiritual warfare taking place.

So many did not wake up this rising.

When you think of the loss that happens all around us, you can begin to realize how much you have to be grateful for.

Stop placing your joy & happiness in things like productivity levels or money. These things are fleeting & really hold no value. When they’re gone, so are those feelings.

Stop making excuses as to why you’re not grateful in the present & why you will be once you obtain this one thing or person.

Don’t overlook what may be right in front of you.

Choosing to be grateful in the present catapults you into an energy of receiving.

When you receive, you can share & give freely.

Gratefulness comes from contentment within & a grateful spirit will always be abundant.


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