Mental Health Monday – Week 17

This week I’d like to discuss resistance.

People tend to have a hard time discerning healthy detachment & running away from their issues.

Due to the resistance, this can create massive stagnation & manifest as indecision.

Some questions to ask yourself can be:

Am I being honest with myself in regards to my emotions?

Am I purposely trying to rebel & challenge everything?

Sure, we should all have people in our circle who tell us no, hold us accountable, & who push back at time’s but those challenges should come from a place of love to help better that person rather than judge or purposefully hurt them.

People tend to cling to false senses of freedom when in fact they’re not free, they’re repressed.

Sometimes the ego gets convinced but deep down your higher self knows the deal.

Ask yourself why you’re being resistant.

Some may find it’s done out of fear.

You may have wounds you’ve yet begin to heal or you may be angry about something but hiding it by trying to act all cool, calm, & collected isn’t going to help you.

When you’re resistant, you create an imbalance within & begin to compartmentalize.

With doing so, you’ll start categorizing your feelings & emotions in your mind to avoid dealing with them.

Similar to keeping tabs.

You may think you’re being rational, but you may really come across as hypercritical to those around you.

You can’t make life decisions only using one half of your brain or heart.

Try to hold compassion for yourself as well as others.

Don’t become cold & resistant to your emotions.

Another question to ask yourself can be:

Am I happy with how things are going or am I trying to prove a point in being “right”?

If you’re feeling like you’re resistant because you’re wanting to prove a point, let me remind you that there is much more to life than winning an argument.

Keeping this behavior up will only result in those around you walking away from you & it won’t be until that point that it’ll hit you that your need for control is what pushed them away.

Solo-dolo is a lonely path to travel when you realize you’re only alone because everyone is sick of your shit.

This isn’t a fun challenge for those dealing with this behavior, it’s traumatizing & triggering.

Learning a healthy balance of detaching & emotional expression is needed.

Also learning to determine the difference between confrontation & the battle of ego & wit is a must.

When your ego is operating at full capacity you’ll find yourself fighting with the people around you but also fighting against yourself.

Don’t push people away when that’s not what you want.

Express your needs & emotions to those around you & stop resisting them out of fear.

Get out of your head & stop assuming things.

Try going with the flow rather than going against it.

Another question to ask yourself is:

Am I making myself miserable just to prove this point?

Living life feeling the need to always be right & continuously trying to prove points becomes exhausting.

Heal your issues of abandonment & lack mindset.

To keep resisting what you want is only hurting yourself.

Check yourself before the Divine intervenes for you.

Stop viewing life as some kind of waiting period.

Transition & start seeking the fulfillment you crave instead of resisting it.

We all need love, from ourselves but also others, so don’t push your tribe away being resistant.

Embrace your feelings & honor your emotions.


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