Mental Health Monday – Week 18

This week I’d like to discuss perseverance.

Every soul walking this earth was placed here with a mission to fulfill.

Some fulfill their purpose, others don’t.

The ones who don’t usually get stuck fearing failure, ridicule, & their short comings.

Sometimes people depend on others to be led to their destinations but only you know what path to take.

Your intuition & connection to Spirit is your compass, listen to it for the guidance you seek.

Believe in yourself & your capabilities.

Life doesn’t just happen, we have to make it happen.

I feel our stories are pre-written but in this realm we have free will which allows us to rewrite the stories that’ll be told generations later.

It’s easy to absorb the things we’ve seen & were taught.

Concerning ourselves with the opinions of others & how they perceive us can make us shy away from leaning deeper into our truest selves.

Don’t be afraid of going after your goals or to take risks.

The more you continue going after what you want, your soul will become open to finding & accepting it’s inner strength.

Know that your soul wouldn’t be yearning for anything that it knew it couldn’t accomplish.

You have strength & perseverance to achieve greatness, act like it.


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