Mental Health Monday – Week 19

This week I’d like to discuss boundaries.

May you have them, set them, & respect others for theirs.

Having boundaries is a practice that allows us to openly communicate & assert ourselves with what we will & will not accept in our spaces & relationships of all kinds.

Having boundaries in place creates space for personal values to not be disrespected or violated. They’re set to preserve & protect you & your space.

I can only speak on my experiences but I’m sure many can relate to people crossing the boundaries that they have set.

It happens all the time, at home, in relationships of all kinds, in the workplace, as well as by strangers.

Sometimes when you enforce your boundaries people may think “wow, you have so many rules”, but it’s not about rule making.

It’s about implementing what makes YOU comfortable around others & in certain spaces that you may be unfamiliar with. Even in familiar spaces you’re allowed to set boundaries.

Boundaries are usually put in place after traumatic experiences or sometimes set at an early age if taught properly.

It took me a while to form my boundaries, it wasn’t until I was sick of people walking all over me & my kind spirit that I said enough was enough. Based on certain situations & experiences I learned what I was willing to tolerate & what I wasn’t going to tolerate.

I’m 30 years old now, much deeper into myself & my healing & my boundaries sometimes still get crossed.

It’s important to speak up in those moments, even if it’s uncomfortable.

Personally, it’s always been me for me.

I’m my biggest advocate & I suggest everyone be on that same wave length.

I know it’s not always easy to speak up on your own behalf, but do it anyway.

Don’t let people place you in predicaments that make you feel uncomfortable to appease them.

Learn to put your foot down & hold people accountable.

If there are people who blatantly disregard your boundaries, I suggest removing yourself.

Someone who respects you will respect your boundaries as well.


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