September is National Suicide Prevention & Awareness Month.

For this month’s tip of the month post I’d like to shed light on suicide facts & ways to help those suffering.

Suicide is a leading cause of death in the United States.

90% of those who die by suicide have had a diagnosable mental health condition.

More than 47,500 people die by suicide every year.

Helping those suffering can be uncomfortable but the discomfort can help to save a life.

Approaching someone who’s struggling starts with asking questions.

Don’t hesitate to ask these questions.

Next would be to create a safe space to share their feelings & be able to vent. It’s important to be able to listen without judging to show you care.

After asking & listening, it’s important to not leave the person alone. Stay with them or make sure they’re in a safe, private, & secure place with someone else who’s caring until further help can arrive.

If you feel like the person is in danger of harming themselves, take them seriously. If possible remove any objects or medications that can be used in an attempt of self harm.

It’s important to know & recognize warning signs to help prevent suicide.

Some warning signs to look out for are:

⁃ Talking about wanting to die

⁃ Looking for a way to kill themself

⁃ Giving away personal/ prized possessions

⁃ Constantly being anxious or agitated

⁃ Sleeping too much or too little

⁃ Withdrawing or isolating

⁃ Increasing the use of alcohol or drugs

⁃ Displaying extreme mood swings

⁃ Talks of being a burden to others

⁃ Showing signs of daring or extreme risk-taking behaviors

⁃ Lacking interest in future plans

If you or anyone you know are having difficulty coping please reach out to someone.

Talking to loved ones, friends, health care professionals, or joining a support group can help you heal & move forward.

Help is also available 24 hours a day by calling the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. All calls are free & confidential.

Do not hesitate to ask for help.


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