Mental Health Monday – Week 22

This week I’d like to discuss the art of discipline.

Being disciplined is a courageous act, it’s when you buckle the fuck down & do what needs to be done without making excuses.

Everyone’s soul has a goal, or purpose if you will.

Earth is a world full of distractions, a realm of obstacles & challenges but we’ve all been blessed with discipline.

Sometimes people aren’t able to muster up the discipline needed to live out their dreams or do the things they imagine & others make sure that effort is made because even small steps still pave the way.

Remind yourself that you hold the power to achieve what it is you put your mind to.

Prioritize your needs & wants.

Manage your daily tasks with a new system that’ll be beneficial for you to achieve your to-do list without overworking & overwhelming yourself.

When people shift their thinking to knowing that they can achieve & do it all, you’ll release the old passive receiver mentality within you who thinks they only can do or receive what’s given to them.

We were trained to think like this, to keep us bound.

Distractions can easily do their job & steer you off course, only if you choose to let them.

Remember to keep your inner child alive by thinking out the box & using your imagination to create the reality you’d like to see.

Discipline is about staying dedicated to yourself & your vision.

Don’t fold under pressure.

Don’t conform.

Stand your ground.

Remain disciplined in your actions & remember that the satisfaction of even the smallest task is more emotionally fulfilling than not taking action at all.


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