Mental Health Monday – Week 23

This week I’d like to discuss the test of strength.

I think often that when you have something special, it won’t come easy nor will there not be a time you’re not tested for it.

The test is to see your strength in regards to whatever it is you want or have already.

When being tested the point is not to fold.

The point is to trust your intuition & stop having doubts.

Aside from the difficulties being presently faced, no dirt has been thrown.

There’s complexity when people mature & evolve.

There’s a growth that takes place at rapid speed & if you don’t roll with it, then you get left behind.

Your strength is tested to see how far you’ll truly go.

Remember that indecision is an invitation for confusion & confusion is not only a choice but also a decision.

Make a choice & stand 10 toes down on it.

Give it your all or nothing at all.


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