Mental Health Monday – Week 26

This week I’d like to discuss bravery.

Sometimes we’re scared of how things will play out so we back pedal on the things we want to go after or do.

People often will project their fears onto your plans because they can’t see or understand your vision.

In turn it creates you to overthink your plans or idea because their fear has now clouded your judgement.

Sometimes people genuinely just don’t know any better so they can’t see past their own perspective, other times they’ll try to derail you purposely out of spite & jealousy.

When you hold a vision for yourself, hold it tightly.

You may not know where you’re going but believe in it with all your might, even when others don’t.

See it through however you can.

Be smart but most importantly be brave.

Approach your vision with heart because your heart will always lead the way.

Stepping into bravery doesn’t mean not being scared, it means being brave enough to go after your plans & pushing the envelope for your future.

Your mindset is everything.

The times you weren’t chosen won’t be in vain because mastery is inevitable when you stay the course.

Be brave enough to have unwavering faith in yourself.


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