Mental Health Monday – Week 28

This week I’d like to discuss relaxation.

It’s important to find time during each day to relax.

Constantly being on the go isn’t productive or healthy.

Continuously thinking about what’s next robs you of being fully present & in the now.

Relaxation & rest are not rewards, they’re a necessity.

When you relax & relinquish the need to control your environment & circumstances, your awareness of self expands.

You begin to realize that it becomes easier to have positive outcomes take place when your nervous system is relaxed & not filled with fear or worries about what’s to come next.

Rigidness is for people who have no trust in themselves or their surroundings, using control tactics to keep things in order.

Relaxation allows you to sit back & watch things naturally unfold.

Unwind & let life gently propel you in the right direction without having so much of a say in the how, where, & when.

Trust that all is well & relax.


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