Mental Health Monday – Week 31

This week I’d like to discuss expansion vs. escapism.

This is a time where expansion is taking place & most of us are expanding in ways we didn’t even know we could.

This includes expanding from our environments, outdated programming, old belief systems, past traumas, & over all where we’ve been.

With these expansions comes a lot of feelings attached.

This isn’t a time for escapism.

This is a time to acknowledge the feelings within that these expansions bring up.

Take a closer look at the feelings popping up & tend to them because until you do, they’ll continue to show up in other ways.

When unlearning what you’ve been taught to know your whole life & relearning how to do things better, a lot of emotions & feelings come up.

It’s exhausting but in the end can be very rewarding to transmute your past experiences & traumas into knowledge of self & generational awareness.

So… acknowledge those emotions & feelings.

Do not ignore them.

Avoiding them will only make things harder for yourself.

Escaping or at least trying to, never works.

The more you try to stuff those feelings down, the more they’ll come up.

Face your feelings & embrace them.

Acknowledging what you feel creates a healthy dynamic within yourself.

Release the feelings that no longer serve you & hold on to the feelings that raise your frequency.

As you expand, setting firmer boundaries is important.

This shouldn’t be done out of fear but be done as a reflection of where you’re at now.

Let your boundaries reflect the new you that’s expanded.

Let your emotional healing reflect the new you as well.

Don’t try to hide or escape from this version of you.

Give yourself grace & also be graceful with others.

Remove ego & pride to further progress.

Breathe life into the present & hold space for yourself.

When others can’t understand how or why, let them wonder.

Peace within & acceptance of self, are all that matter.

Expand but do not escape.


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