Mental Health Monday – Week 33

This week I’d like to discuss the art of asking questions.

As a child many of us weren’t allowed to be too inquisitive.

To adults, questioning anything was a sign of disrespect.

Now that we are adults, our lack of curiosity kind of hindered our communication styles.

You may notice how irritated you get when people question you or what you’re doing, you may feel defensive when someone asks you anything or suggests something.

Your lack of patience wears thin when people don’t understand what or how you do things.

You’re not open to doing things another way because your perspective has always been one sided.

Your lack of curiosity as a child has turned you into an adult that lacks openness to other possibilities or ways to do things.

This is learned behavior that creates rigidity.

As you get deeper into your inner child healing, communication will be a major step in that healing process.

You’ll learn that there’s nothing wrong with being inquisitive.

Asking questions is what allows knowledge to be gained.

Curiosity creates the flexibility that’s needed in learning.

A child should never fear asking questions.

In school, many of us didn’t ask questions out of fear.

Fear we’d sound stupid or that we’d get the answer wrong & in turn it held us back from asking the things we either needed answers on or just wanted to know.

Now as adults, we must correct this pattern.

We must ask the questions we want or need answers to.

We must seek clarity without fear.

We must teach ourselves & gain the knowledge we weren’t always privy to.

We must let our curious inner child be brave enough to ask those questions.

Most importantly, we must heal this communication pattern to avoid doing this to our children in the future.

Children can be taught to be respectful & courteous but still be allowed to roam their curiosities.

I feel there’s a balance needed to bridge this gap within ourselves & for future generations.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions pertaining any matter.

Become knowledgeable on the things you may have not known prior.

There’s truly an art to asking questions & the more we know, the more we grow.


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