Mental Health Monday – Week 34

This week I’d like to discuss the importance of compassion.

Compassion is something we need to extend to others more frequently but especially to ourselves.

When we’re met with compassion, it motivates us to heal the physical, mental, & emotional anguish within ourselves or others.

Collectively, we are all going through things at this time.

Take the time to identify any current beliefs, perceptions, or attitudes that stop you from being able to give &/or receive compassion.

Remove the resistance & bring yourself to a level of inner-awareness by staying grounded & self-aware of the traits that hold you back.

Ask yourself why you’re so hard on yourself or others?

Being kinder, compassionate, & helpful to ourselves & others alleviate some of the pain being carried.

Avoid being so critical of yourself or others.

Try to hold space & see things from other perspectives aside from just your own.

When you view things from only one perspective, the entire picture becomes skewed.

There are solutions that can be found by providing compassion to yourself & others.

To be compassionate is to have a considerate heart space & an open mind.

Being nice is performative, to be kind comes from the heart.


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