Mental Health Monday – Week 35

This week I’d like to discuss the importance of self-reflection.

As the last post of 2021, I think this topic is not only fitting but also very needed.

It’s necessary to reflect back & see the progress made or to even take a look at the things that still need to be done.

At the start of 2021 I found myself in a much different space than I am in now.

I was hurting over things that were not in my control.

I was operating out of spite to prove others wrong.

I wore ego & pride as a layer of protection.

I was stuck in a survival mode mentality.

I was living in a mediocre vibration because of the old programming & beliefs that were instilled.

This shortly changed after I checked into therapy & studied cognitive behavioral therapy.

I was able to really get to the root cause of a lot of my pain & I realized so much of that baggage was never mine to carry.

I learned to create better boundaries not just for others but also myself.

I learned what forgiveness looks like.

I learned to lead with love rather than spite.

I learned that the things I thought were “important” weren’t.

I learned that “flexing” was really a cry for validation.

I learned that judgement were just projections.

I created the Mental Health Monday series during Mental Health Awareness Month to become vocal about changing our mentalities & prioritizing our mental needs.

For 35 weeks straight I’ve provided content at the beginning of each week to help not only myself but to also enhance the lives of others who may need this information &/or resources.

I learned while doing this work that we must hold space for ourselves & our emotions.

We must be graceful & flow with the circumstances while acknowledging them.

I was blessed enough to further my business endeavors. – Coming soon!

I had to leave places behind to help myself & make room for what’s to come next.

I filled my own cup while doing this work.

I reparented my inner-child & Baby M is more acquainted with the woman MML has grown to become.

In one year I’ve sorted through 30 years of life.

I had finally cracked the code.

I broke down the programming, I got rid of beliefs that weren’t my own, I acknowledged painful memories & finally set them free.

I picked myself apart to transmute the pain & generational traumas.

In turn, I held the best parts of me a little closer.

I embraced my child-like imagination, I embraced my loving & nurturing qualities, I soul searched for my evolved self & embodied her in full.

I fell deeper in love, not only with myself but with those who truly support me & all I come with.

I learned what unconditional love was.

I practiced more self-love to uplift my own spirit.

I learned to stop doubting myself & my abilities.

I learned to stop playing small for the sake of others.

I learned that overthinking kills your joy just as much as miserable company.

I learned to be a better friend not just to others but most importantly, to myself.

I realized that a lot of the pain that lingered wasn’t just because of the shame & guilt surrounding those moments but because I felt betrayed by myself.

I shamed myself for not knowing or doing better in those moments & it spiraled causing me to operate out of spite, ego, & pride.

As I sit here reflecting, I see a lot of the progress that’s been made.

I also see how those ugly traits held me back in many ways. How I held myself back.

Nonetheless, I’m grateful for having an opportunity to not only better myself but to rewrite my story & exercise my choices in doing so.

I’ve been tested in many ways.

Something I learned was that our circumstances don’t need to define us or be the end all.

We all have choices to make, choose the ones that are going to shape you into the best version of yourself.

I hope that you all take a moment to reflect on this past year & see what choices you can make that’ll elevate you in the most positive way.

Ask yourself those hard questions & be honest with yourself while doing it.

Create a list or even a vision board of all of the things you’d like to change or accomplish.

Set goals that are realistically attainable in the present & another list of future goals, this will help you gauge the progress being made & how to get to the end goal.

Stop being overly critical of yourself.

There’s also no need to compare your life to anyone else as our journey’s are our own.

Big or small, any progress made is still progression.

So here’s to everyone that made their mental health a priority & even if you didn’t, cheers to making it towards the 2021 finish line.

For those we’ve lost, your transition is not in vain.

May we continue to thrive into the higher timelines healthily & covered.


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