Mental Health Monday – Week 36

Happy New Year everyone!

I’d like to start the year off discussing reciprocation.

We’ve all been in positions where we can say we felt our efforts weren’t being reciprocated – whether that be in the workplace, in regards to friends & family, or even in romantic relationships.

Sometimes our efforts won’t always be equally reciprocated & that’s ok, it’ll be unrealistic to think that everything we do will be reciprocated in the same magnitude as we give.

We know giving should always come from the heart & never with an expectation of something in return but reciprocation exists to set a standard.

If you continuously find yourselves in situations or partnerships that are unrequited, you need to reassess.

Lack of boundaries can create such a dynamic, with people beginning to take advantage of you & your kindness.

This type of dynamic can also be mirrored back to you by someone in your life to teach you a lesson about self-love & worthiness.

Unrequited work or love can only be tolerated for so long before you should be asking yourself “why is this continuously a theme in my life?”.

For starters, the love you give to others should be given to you first. What’s left over is to spare & do good with.

If your work is unrequited, you should pack your talents up & take them where you know they’ll be appreciated.

In a perfect world, reciprocation would be balanced with equal give & take, but we don’t live in a perfect world. Sometimes your people or talents require more from you & I respect those who go the extra mile but not on the account of burning out.

If you find yourself in this mental state, take a step back & do something for yourself. Something that you enjoy, to spark creativity, movement, or calmness within.

Don’t allow people to use you or soak up your energy when it’s convenient for them.

Know that you are worthy of reciprocation & deserving of mutual exchanges & experiences.


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