Mental Health Monday – Week 37

This week I’d like to discuss getting to the root of your triggers.

We all have had traumatic experiences that leave triggers behind – some worse than others but nonetheless triggering.

Last year, as I spoke to my then therapist, I learned that our triggers are our own to correct.

In life we’re lucky if we come across people who understand, or at least try to understand, why something can be triggering for us.

Some people don’t have the capacity to hold space for others which can leave you feeling defensive against your triggers.

Triggers are different for everyone.

They can be minor or major but great enough to trigger a memory or an emotion from within.

Being triggered by something or someone is inevitable which is why it’s our responsibility to heal from those things or people.

Getting to the root cause of your triggers requires inner work that most avoid.

You have to ask yourself “what is really bothering me about this situation?”

Ask yourself what feelings are being stirred up & why?

When you start connecting the dots as to what is truly triggering, you’ll begin to see that the people or places reminding you of xyz experience/ memory aren’t the cause of your pain but a reflection of what still needs healing.

It’s easy to blame someone in the moment but when you get to the root cause of your triggers, you not only lighten the load you choose to carry but you also transmute the painful energy that lingers from those traumatic moments.

Don’t become someone who runs from themselves because you’ll only end up running infinitely in circles.

The thing that nobody really mentions is that your triggers force you to create defense mechanisms to cope.

You become hyper vigilant to protect yourself from anything that reminds you of those triggering moments.

When you’re able to get to the root of your triggers & face those parts of yourself, you start living life less defensively & your need to be hyper vigilant won’t serve you anymore.

You’ll become more comfortable with trusting yourself, your choices, & you’ll adopt better coping mechanisms to handle any future triggers that may arise.

The moment I realized where my triggers truly stem from, it opened my eyes to what the issue really was.

At that point I knew it was either take responsibility to heal or wallow in sadness, I chose to take accountability because we all have choices to make.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy assisted with my perspective’s expansion & in studying CBT I learned that a choice is all you need to make a situation better.

In weeks 1-36 you’ll find tons of information & resources that’ll assist in getting to the root of your triggers.

Ultimately the choice is yours.

Know nothing comes from placing blame & taking accountability to heal yourself from things you may have not caused will be rewarded with inner peace.


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