Mental Health Monday – Week 38

This week I’d like to discuss the importance of cleansing your space.

As basic as this may seem, research has shown how cleaning or lack thereof, can have a direct impact on one’s mental health.

We’ve al been in a space before where life is happening & your room starts reflecting that.

Clothes here.

Shoes there.

New things still sitting in their bags.

Sometimes things can get so bad that instead, your possessions start to consume you.

Clutter is known to contribute to depression more likely than a clean living space that’s restorative.

Messes make it difficult to focus & in some ways are related to negative emotions such as confusion & tension.

Organized spaces are known to promote more positive emotions such as calmness & peacefulness.

To the human brain, clutter typically signifies that something is unfinished.

Within resides a lack of completeness, sometimes even failure, which then creates stress & anxiety.

By cleaning & having things organized you create a more relaxing environment while boosting your sense of accomplishment.

People who clean regularly are proven to be healthier.

Cleaning provides structure to the mind & body when stressed or anxious.

Having clean sheets & making your bed daily are related to having a better night’s rest.

Cleaning is proven to reduce fatigue & improve concentration.

A messy space creates chaos & impacts the ability to focus by cluttering your mind as well.

For those struggling to make cleaning a priority, my advice would be to start small so you don’t become overwhelmed.

Picking a task to do everyday & following through, will help keep you occupied but won’t be overwhelming.

A few weeks back when discussing time management, I mention how when creating a to-do list the point is to not make the list bigger than what you can physically or mentally handle.

If your list of things to-do is long, breaking it up into sections can be helpful.

Setting times for tasks creates a schedule or routine helping to reduce stress.

Delegating tasks to others for help is another way to reduce anxiety.

In my opinion, cleanliness is an act of self-love.

Self-love is preservation & disciplined actions.

If your space is clean & organized, it becomes a place where productivity will flow effortlessly because you’ll feel good & your space will reflect that.

If your space is a mess, your mind will become cluttered & you’ll become irritated by your core responsibilities.

Signs of this include avoidance, laziness, & procrastination.

Do not neglect yourself or the importance of what a clean space can do for you & your mental.


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