Mental Health Monday – Week 39

This week I’d like to discuss productivity.

Productivity is measured differently by everyone.

Sometimes it’s measured by getting house chores done or working out, other times it’s doing self-care regimens.

As simple of a task it is, resting is also considered productive.

Most people think that being productive means having to be active but that isn’t always true.

Productivity can be anything that makes you feel accomplished & productive.

Sometimes relaxation can be accomplishing.

You’re not a failure or lazy for needing rest.

Society has normalized working tirelessly & shames people for needing time for themselves.

Know that money comes & goes, revolving your life around a job doesn’t leave you with much time to be present with those that matter.

It’s important to note that being productive should not only make you feel accomplished but also bring joy.

We’re not created to work, pay bills, & die.

Although that cycle is what’s typically promoted, that isn’t a lifestyle to live by.

We’re meant for much more, so act like it.

Prioritize the things that make you happy & productive.


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