Mental Health Monday – Week 41

This week I’d like to discuss the act of service.

Think back to a time you helped someone & think about how you felt after doing so…didn’t it feel good?

To help others freely is what life is all about.

It feels good to help others because our soul’s resonate with that vibration.

We all possess something special that helps others along the way.

Allow others to witness your gifts & share them freely.

The best leaders do not gate-keep information or resources, they share freely to help mold their community & act as a stepping stone for others to reach their dreams.

Not everyone is meant to be a leader, but everyone can provide acts of service.

Sometimes doing a favor for someone or even something as simple as sending a text to check on someone can be considered an act of service.

No act is too small when your intentions are in the right place.

This isn’t to confuse an act of service with over giving & people pleasing as there’s a difference between these dynamics.

An act of service is doing something that enriches others.

People pleasing is what’s done when you lack boundaries.

At that point, the act of service is more so being done to make sure the other approves of their actions.

Know that healthy relationships involve mutuality.

To avoid people pleasing tendencies:

⁃ Set clear boundaries

⁃ Help others when you can

⁃ Think about prior engagements before committing to something

⁃ Learn to say “no”

Acts of service can also be considered a love language in intimate relationships.

This can include reaching out to your partner during a stressful day at work to let them know you’re here for them or cooking dinner when they get home.

Whether the act of service is provided in an intimate situation or not, never underestimate how an act of service can uplift someone else.


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  1. Another powerful read. Last week I was super mindful of my words and what I’d utter because I realize it can generate blessings or worse. This one hits again for me as a developing leader because there’s always insight to gain and experience to learn from in this journey! Keep writing like this MMLISM!

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