Mental Health Monday – Week 44

This week I’d like to discuss the art of being direct.

The other day in conversation I was told I’m “such a straight shooter” & it made me think about how we as people complicate things by not being direct.

The art of being direct is to speak your mind without care or worries of it backfiring.

Disclaimer: I’m not saying be rude & go around speaking every thought that pops into your head but be direct when you need to be most.

I feel like things can be simplified when people get straight to the point, I know this isn’t a quality everyone possesses but it’s one worth exploring & getting comfortable with because it saves a lot of time.

If it isn’t a yes, then the answer is no, but we say things like maybe or we’ll see to provide hope in a situation that you know isn’t truly for you.

A lot of us were taught to pacify peoples feelings, & there’s nothing wrong with being compassionate or understanding, but this becomes a problem when you put peoples feelings above your own.

Not being direct can create resentment because you bury your wants & needs to make someone else feel better.

I say all this to say, there’s nothing wrong with being a straight shooter.

The delivery in which you say something definitely matters but the art of being direct would never cost you your feelings or views.

It empowers you to have courage & to speak up for yourself, this is especially important for people who may have been silenced as a child.

Being silenced as a child creates a lot of passive aggressive behaviors in people as they become adults because they never had an outlet to express their thoughts, feelings, or opinions without being shutdown or rejected.

Children need to have a space where they’re allowed to express things they don’t like or want to do comfortably without being forced or made to feel bad about it.

A child that isn’t taught to express themselves becomes an adult who doesn’t know how to communicate.

Correct this pattern to communicate effectively & to the parents raising children, give your child/ren space & grace as they learn to express themselves.

Being direct is frowned upon because we live in a society that shames people for knowing what they want & don’t want, it’s bad for business when confusion isn’t apart of the equation because what alternative can they sell you if you’re aware?

Think about this & see how you can incorporate being more direct in your interactions & life in general, you’ll notice when it becomes a habit a lot of time will be saved just by simply speaking up.


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