Mental Health Monday – Week 46

This week I’d like to discuss manifesting.

Manifesting consists of various self-help strategies that are intended to bring into existence a goal or desire.

Many don’t realize how their words manifest the life they live.

To manifest positive aspects, one must remain diligently disciplined & hold faith.

You can curse yourself by speaking negatively or constantly self-sabotaging, which results in unfortunate circumstances.

I learned that being obedient & mindful are key to manifesting the life you want as well as even keeping your mental health elevated in a positive state.

A decade ago I wished for all I have now, back then I couldn’t see it but slowly but surely it unfolded right in front of my eyes.

Now I’m here manifesting other goals & desires I have & they’re taking shape as well.

The power of the mind controls everything, one bad thought can cause you to spiral out of control so it’s important to check yourself often.

In weeks 1-45 there’s plenty of material to sort through on how to manage your thoughts & even rewire your brain with cognitive behavioral therapy methods.

I found that doing this work has helped me tremendously but it’s not for the faint of heart.

I too get down on myself sometimes, feeling like I’m trying my hardest & nothing is working, but I somehow still have faith in my plans like I always have.

The other day someone asked me “What do you see yourself doing if you’re NOT doing your own thing? As far as work.” I replied back saying “I don’t imagine that kind of life…”, some may say my thinking is unrealistic but the faith I hold is rooted in the belief I have for myself.

I wasn’t always supported in the things I wanted to do by family or peers, part of that stems from the programming that conditioned them, some of it stems from jealousy of being from a small town where there’s not much to do, some of it stems from people hating themselves & their circumstances so much they project their insecurities onto me & my plans.

Regardless of what it was/is, the confidence I have within myself & my capabilities is something that doesn’t waver.

I also no longer water myself down for others to feel comfortable.

I’ve overcome a lot & I know what I do creatively is the Lord’s work.

The other day I was thinking back on my decade long journey & I silently said to myself how I want to do another podcast interview to speak on my development as a creative but also from a human standpoint & to discuss all of the things I’ve been doing as of recently.

A few days later I got a call from a friend of mine.

We haven’t spoke in a while but he reached out to tell me how he loves the Mental Health Monday series & wanted to interview me for his podcast called Type88 Show.

A thought to myself manifested into Dave Noodlez calling me, so tonight I’ll be doing a thing.

I want to thank Dave for the opportunity & for seeing me.

All links to the podcast’s audio & video versions will be available as soon as I can share them, so be on the lookout for the MML episode cause we’re definitely getting into some things!

I say all this to say manifestations are real, some thoughts may manifest sooner or later but what’s for you will never miss you & like Dave Noodlez always says Don’t Stop Dreaming!

Keeping your dreams alive are what manifestations are made of.


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