Mental Health Monday – Week 47

This week I’d like to discuss confusion.

Confusion is the inability to focus or to think clearly.

Mental confusion can be caused by many things, such as stress, information or sensory overload, & sleep deprivation.

We’ve all experienced confusion at some point or another, whether the indecision was in regards to needing to make a choice or confusion on what to do in a situation, we’ve all been faced with some form of confusion.

What I can say about confusion is, often people feel like they have no choice in a matter making it difficult to hone in on decisiveness.

Being decisive is attractive, & with knowing what you want, it crates space for those manifestations to blossom.

I think confusion comes from lack mindsets & the inability to realize that we all have choices.

People complicate matters by overthinking instead of just leading with their inner-knowing.

Removing the confused from around you isn’t always an easy task because often you want to help people see the light but that isn’t always achievable because you can’t want to help others more than they want to help themselves.

I think confusion is a choice because after a while the indecisiveness that remains is a reflection of you betraying you’re inner-knowing.

Most times people choose to stay in a state of confusion because they want to ignore their problems or avoid taking accountability causing the same stress that keeps them in a confused state.

Don’t allow anyone to keep you in their confusion when you’re sure of what it is that you want.

If you experience mild-confusion caused by stress, dehydration, or nutritional imbalances this is considered a short-term scenario that can be treated at home by relaxing, hydrating, & eating properly.

If you experience confusion due to having low blood sugar levels, eating a piece of candy or drinking a sweetened beverage will relieve your symptoms.

Confusion due to head trauma would require immediate medical attention.

If your confusion is causing problems in your everyday life in terms of being indecisive & the ability to make sound decisions, I’d suggest thinking about your situation & being honest, most times the answer doesn’t need to be searched for as it lies within.

Your choices are whatever you choose for them to be.

With every breath you take, you have options & it doesn’t take all day to recognize sunshine.


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