Mental Health Monday – Week 51

This week I’d like to discuss acceptance.

Acceptance is the action or process of being received as adequate or suitable.

Acceptance comes in many forms throughout this lifetime & learning to adapt to change is what keeps that constant ebb & flow of life.

Accepting certain things isn’t always easy, sometimes it’s hard, scary, & hurtful.

Other times, acceptance can be what’s necessary to catapult the change that’s needed to push forward.

There’s times where we as people aren’t accepted for who we are & in those moments it’s important to remember to stay true to yourself.

Never fold under the pressure of seeking validation.

Being accepted fully for who you are is better than watering yourself down to be halfway accepted.

In other cases, learning to accept situations or circumstances for what they are will help you move along.

Self-acceptance is a crucial component for one’s psychological well-being.

This includes being able to accept both the good & bad aspects of yourself.

When you’re open & accepting you create space for more.

Acceptance also helps regulate moods, depressive symptoms, & increase positive emotions.

It’s important to keep in mind when dealing with grief & loss that acceptance is had but only in due time.

You can’t rush the process of healing, there will be moments of sadness & that’s normal.

You must feel in order to heal & even when you begin to heal it doesn’t mean that you won’t feel pain, nostalgia, or sadness.

Working through it is healthier than letting your thoughts consume you.

Acceptance doesn’t cancel out emotions so allow yourself grace when navigating through this.

Keep in mind that there’s a time for feeling & there’s a time for rationalizing, both are necessary for creating balance surrounding acceptance.


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