Mental Health Monday – Week 52

This week I’d like to discuss the art of embracement.

There will be moments in life where we experience hardships & joy.

Moments where we’ll experience life & death.

In many ways, things will end & begin anew.

How we embrace those moments is up to us.

Your state of mind determines how you can better embrace the tougher circumstances that are inevitable.

Learn to lean into those emotions & feelings rather than running in the opposite direction when you get uncomfortable.

Learn to embrace the changes throughout life as they come.

There’s no need to brace yourself for impact because your experiences will not deviate.

Learn to embrace the aspects of yourself & others.

Embrace the good & bad that comes with life but remain faithful throughout it all.

Keep a faith so strong that your trust is blinding & unwavering.

Embracing life isn’t & won’t always be easy, but everyday brings an opportunity to wholeheartedly embrace & receive what’s next.

Embrace the reality of your life & move accordingly.

Don’t fall victim to victimhood.

Embrace what needs to be done with faith it will be.


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