Mental Health Monday – Week 53

On May 3rd, 2021 I decided to start the Mental Health Monday series, with intentions of only highlighting these topics for Mental Health Awareness Month.

Here we are, approaching Mental Health Awareness Month again & a year’s worth of write ups that touched on subjects most want to avoid or find too uncomfortable to speak about.

If I wanted to do anything with this series, it’ll be to help people come out of that mindset where they feel we can’t or shouldn’t speak on the traumas, emotions, & patterns we deal with.

With that being said, this week I’d like to discuss the art of staying the course.

When I think about where I was when I started this series to where I am currently, I feel a range of emotions.

To think of how depressed I truly was, without showing it to everyone is a bit scary.

I held it down because I didn’t have any other choice.

I knew I could overcome what I was going through but it wasn’t easy.

I knew to overcome it, I needed to not make those feelings my identity.

Sure, I felt sad for days on end – for a year straight actually, but I never once claimed my depression.

I honored my feelings & let them pass as they came up for air.

Many days I spent crying wondering when things were going to get better, I’d speak to family & friends all who encouraged me but I needed to stay the course, go within, & continue on with my healing journey.

To do so, I challenged myself.

I took on roles that fulfilled my soul’s purpose, including writing this series that I share with you all every week.

Despite how I felt, I knew showing up for myself would help others heal in return & it has.

The messages I get from you all really makes my heart do a thing.

I love hearing stories about how this series has helped others or how they look forward to it every week.

To take your pain, transmute it, & do something positive with it, is truly the work of the Lord.

I’m so proud to have been able to get to this point & share this moment with you all.

I’m proud of my readers who have been actively trying to change & better themselves using the information & resources I’ve freely shared.

Staying the course isn’t always easy, remaining dedicated to yourself comes with lessons & tests that’ll have you doubting yourself & what you’re trying to do but it’s imperative to stay the course.

If I want to tell my readers anything a year later it’ll be to never give up on yourself, as hard & lonely as this course may be find ways to keep pushing through.

I think that’s the most important aspect of staying any course, having the self-control & discipline that’s necessary to see it through.

Along the way, you’ll have others meet you where you are & as a result you’ll form your soul tribe.

You’ll start to notice why things didn’t play out the way you had hoped they once would.

You’ll start to see why taking the road less traveled benefits you more than settling.

You’ll start to realize how everything comes full circle & things become easier to navigate.

If there’s anything I want my readers to keep at the forefront of their minds is that your circumstances don’t define you & choices are present for you to make every single day.

Your day doesn’t move forward without making a choice, so make sure you make one that’ll lead you to who it is you’re trying to be.

Remain grateful to create space for the blessings trying to make their way to you.

Resistance creates stagnancy.

Surrender & go with the flow of things.

There’s power in gaining a new perspective, remaining present, & staying the course.


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