Mental Health Monday – Week 54

Having written Mental Health Monday posts for a year straight, I’m sure you’re wondering what’s next?

I won’t disclose all I have planned but I think if I’d like to highlight anything throughout this series it’s that I’m always going to encourage people to continue pushing through & with that said this week I’d like to discuss moving forward.

I think a lot of people get caught up flexing for others & thinking that the ultimate glow up is only a physical one regarding appearances.

Truthfully, the ultimate flex is learning your worth.

Being able to recognize when you’re being tested by others & the universe.

Having the strength & confidence to not settle for anything less.

Being able to still navigate through unforeseen circumstances as they take place is prevalent in moving forward.

You have to be able to ground yourself in these moments & collect your thoughts.

Moving forward isn’t always easy, it’ll require unwavering faith in yourself & your decisions.

You need to maintain willpower & keep what’s most important in the forefront of your mind without fear & worry clouding your judgement.

Knowing yourself & your needs are crucial.

Being in tune is better than being on trend.


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