Mental Health Monday – Week 55

This week I’d like to discuss instant gratification.

Instant gratification is a term that refers to the temptations one may feel they need to undergo to obtain a less rewarding but more immediate response for the moment.

I think with social media being the driving force behind almost everything in today’s society, it creates a false narrative that makes people lose hope as quickly as they think of an idea.

It’s easy to get on these said applications & start comparing yourself to others.

It’s easy to look at all the great moments people decide to share & feel like why isn’t this happening for me?

But… what you’re not seeing is all it took for them to get to those points.

Don’t get caught up watching others that you forget to focus on yourself.

Most times the things people share online are to flex for the very same people who don’t even like them in real life.

Make that make sense…

Instant gratification is mainly fueled by modern devices & the exchange of information making social media its primary culprit.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting or needing anything in a timely manner.

What creates unnecessary pressure is when society’s opinions start to influence you during these moments.

It’s important to balance your desires with realistic time frames & patience.

Keep this in mind when setting goals to avoid feeling dissatisfaction & being in comparison mode.

The joy is coming even if you can’t see it yet.


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