Mental Health Monday – Week 56

This week I’d like to discuss the art of suffering.

I know to some that may sound strange, but hear me out…

There’s truly an art to suffering.

If used correctly, it’ll serve as a tool.

Suffering will shed the ego once you realize it’s necessary until it no longer is.

If you hadn’t suffered the way you have, you wouldn’t know the joys of today.

If you’re currently suffering, I know there will come a time & point where this difficult time will seem lighter & you’ll understand better why things are happening for you instead of to you.

With suffering comes humility & compassion, for self & others.

Holding space for yourself or others while suffering is crucial.

Creating a safe space is imperative to the healing process.

Safe spaces will include support, love, & kindness from people you can trust & lean on.

It’s important to keep in mind that while suffering is inevitable, you must find strength to keep moving forward.

Keeping yourself in a space of suffering is a choice that will make things harder for you.

You must release your attachment to the outcome of things in order to allow what’s meant to be to flow in.

A lot of the anguish people face is from holding on so tightly to specific people, things, or outcomes that they know deep down need to be released.

Trust your inner-knowing enough to surrender & not betray yourself & your needs.

After sorrow always comes joy, the duality of life is having both because essentially you can’t experience one without the other.

The question is how long are you going to try to distract yourself?

Distractions & self-pity prolong suffering, release the mindset of confusion & lack.

Adapt to your circumstances & make choices that’ll lead you to happiness instead of continuous suffering.


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