Mental Health Monday – Week 57

This week I’d like to discuss divine femininity.

Everyone embodies both feminine & masculine energy but divine femininity extends beyond just one type of belief system.

Divine femininity can also be used as a spiritual lens to balance one’s perspective.

The other day I had a conversation with my girl Imani, most of you all know her as The Hood Healer, she shared how through motherhood she’s learning to lean more into her feminine energy.

If you’ve followed her journey prior to motherhood you can vividly see the transformation it’s had on her & the lifestyle changes she practices to sustain the mental clarity & wellness needed as a mother, medium, & most importantly as a woman.

When we spoke I shared with her that even prior to motherhood I believe women as a whole, especially myself, struggle with this mentality because it’s what we’ve seen from the women of our linage doing.

I told her how it easily creates & becomes a power struggle, it doesn’t always allow for reciprocation because we have a “no, I got it” type of attitude towards most things, big or small.

This mentality tends to push people away, & it also makes people feel that we aren’t soft or open enough.

It can create vulnerability issues in relationships of all kinds.

I was open in saying that this has been something I’ve been actively trying to combat within myself because there’s a line between independence & relying on others.

I’m learning that the 2 can coexist healthily, although at times it seems like we need to choose one or the other based off society’s gender roles & productivity timeline.

I expressed to Imani that this also has to do with being able to trust yourself enough to know that you can do things for yourself & others while also trusting that you have the right people in your corner who can support & uplift you in times you can’t or don’t have the innerG to do so.

She agreed wholeheartedly & I thanked her for sharing her views because more conversations surrounding womanhood need to be had prior to motherhood.

If more women & men were accepting of their divine femininity & knew that this energy isn’t one of submission but of reciprocation then there would be a better understanding of how these traits don’t make one weak.

A lot of people like to hone in on their masculine energy because they feel it puts them in control as it’s usually driven by ego.

Once the ego is removed, you’ll find that your masculine energy should be more constructive than deconstructive.

Learning to have duality in both your femininity & masculinity is helpful to obtaining healthy mental wellness.


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