Mental Health Monday – Week 58

This week I’d like to discuss partnership.

Partnership is more than just an agreement to further advances.

True partnership involves trust, respect, & understanding.

It’s important to cultivate relationships where there is mutualism.

Mutualism creates balance between both parties involved to not only to further advances but to also further the bond.

Partnership doesn’t involve ego & one sided behavior.

Partnership involves consistency & reciprocated energy.

It’s soft & welcoming, it’s safe & trustworthy.

Partnerships that are healthy reduce anxiety & depression.

When partnerships are healthy they promote higher-self esteem, trust, willingness, & empathy.

Having relationships like this will promote better mental clarity & less confusion about other aspects.

It’ll provide safety & trust that you can rely on.

It’ll befit you tremendously having partnerships that build you up verses relationships that leave you feeling empty.

Cultivating a partnership with self is the most important key to being able to build them outside of yourself.


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