Mental Health Monday – Week 59

This week I’d like to discuss intimacy.

Intimate & healthy interpersonal relationships make up a large element of our mental health.

Close relationships & bonds create a strong support system that can help combat mental illnesses.

The intimacy of it all can also create openness that’ll broaden perspectives, spark change, & cause you to be more trusting.

This is a good thing.

I think society creates a notion where people need to be closed off & afraid to be able to sell suggestions & medications back to you for profit.

Being selective in who we’re intimate with is different than being afraid of intimacy.

I think it’s important for your inner-knowing & trust within yourself to be fully cultivated prior to being truly intimate with someone else.

If you’re not honest with yourself, how can someone be honest with you?

If you don’t trust yourself, how can you trust someone else?

These aspects are required when it comes to being intimate & open with another.

When you’re able to share yourself with others, it shows intimacy within self.


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