Mental Health Monday – Week 62

This week I’d like to discuss Peace.

Having peace in your life is something to strive for, because once you obtain that level of grace nothing can sway it.

Being peaceful & having peace are very different things.

I think of being peaceful as the currency used to gain the peace we seek.

If you do good, good will return back tenfold.

If you do bad, well then… you know the rest.

Having peace is a state of consciousness & level of awareness that’s obtained by experience & transmutation of all the hurtful things of the past which allow beautification of the future to take shape.

You can’t have either without one or the other.

If you’re struggling to find or keep peace within your life, ask yourself what’s bogging you down & release it.

Surrender to what you know to be right & you’ll gain peace along the way.

Sometimes the things we think we need are removed & replaced by better, giving us the peace we never knew we needed.


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