Mental Health Monday – Week 64

This week I’d like to discuss periods of growth.

Periodically we grow, evolve, & move forward.

Don’t let these periods of growth escape you.

Take these times in & embrace who you’re becoming.

Something us P.O.C. are taught to do is to downplay our achievements & accolades out of fear of ruffling feathers, coming off as “too smart”, or to simply hide our successful moments due to the attention that comes with it.

I hope we as a collective can leave this mentality behind.

Don’t ever minimize the progress you’ve been making, even if it’s “small”.

Nothing is too big or small to celebrate.

You’ve come so far.

You’ve dealt with lessons.

You’ve been tested.

It’s all had a purpose even if you don’t understand it all.

Aside from expressing how to celebrate these periods of growth, I want to share a cheat code to continue elevating: shorten the amount of time it takes to learn the lesson.

Accountability & acceptance go hand in hand when it comes to periods of growth & elevating.

The less time spent dwelling & wasting energy on things you cannot change will create space for growth when you learn to accept & even take accountability for your doings.

I know a lot of our traumas, especially from childhood, weren’t our faults so it may seem unfair that now as adults we have to do the internal work to rid ourselves of the pain caused & left behind but when you understand the lesson & you don’t fight what needs accepting, you’ll level up.

Since doing this work, I feel I’ve beamed up tremendously!

The people around me notice it.

Some even removed themselves because what I was reflecting was too much to look at.

I understand perspective a little differently.

I see how everything is truly connected.

I’ve witnessed illumination on situations I thought I had figured out.

I got clarity when I wasn’t even looking for it, more than once.

I’ve passed tests that I’ve countlessly failed many times prior to looking within.

I received signs & led with my intuition.

I feel God put me here to share my testimony & to help you all in some way or another lead your lives free of the mental anguish society & its structures have placed upon us.

Periods of growth can happen at a rapid speed, this shows progress of ascension.

When you notice the same scenarios repeating, even with new people who enter your life, you should take a step back & analyze the situation for truly what it is.

Repeating cycles is a sign of stagnation, as well as being unaligned.

Get on the right side of things, accept the things you cannot change, & focus on elevating.

Periods of growth are attainable when you’re deeply in tuned.


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