Mental Health Monday – Week 65

This week I’d like to discuss balance.

Sometimes life has its way with us where we lose our footing & the scales become imbalanced.

To find yourself in such a spot can be hard to navigate but with persistence you can tip the scales.

When it comes to mental health, balance in all aspects of your life is the goal.

This includes: mentally, physically, & spiritually.

Achieving balance can be done by taking accountability, setting priorities, upholding boundaries, & reflecting.

Having balance prevents stress & as we know, stress is what causes the most upheaval to our bodies & mental.

Creating balance in your life is a must to maintain peace of mind.

The relationships you have & share with others should always provide a sense of balance in some way or another.

Having a relationship where there’s equal reciprocation creates a balanced foundation that’s necessary to uphold a healthy relationship of any kind.

A relationship that’s balanced will highlight many things, the most important is you & the other person being so aware of your emotions you both can manage them in gentle, honest, & respectable ways.

Emotional balance stems from emotional intelligence & being vulnerable.

To be in a space where you feel safe & comfortable enough to be vulnerable, you’ll immediately be able to feel that sense of balance which will activate all the happy chemicals in the brain.

We should water ourselves daily but when you share life with another whether that be platonically or romantically, make sure the relationship is balanced enough that you water each other with all the components to help each other grow as well.


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