Mental Health Monday – Week 67

This week I’d like to discuss redirection.

We often travel down roads that are familiar thinking they’re safe due to comfort.

This sometimes stops us in our tracks from trying or doing new things out of fear.

We’ve been taught most of our lives to stick with what we know & to do only the things we’re good at but how can we learn if we don’t expand on the things we already know?

Familiarity can keep us stuck & afraid, it can also create stagnation in our lives.

Redirection isn’t always easy, it creates discomfort because it means the plans we had for ourselves may have changed or require a new way of going about things.

On the contrary of what’s said, redirection doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Redirection is a new start that gives us the opportunity to get to where we’re trying to go.

If redirection occurs in your life unwillingly, don’t fret.

Be open to any redirection that happens to you because it most likely is happening for your greater good.

We can’t always see it but one day you’ll look back & see why things played out the way they did.


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