Mental Health Monday – Week 72

This week I’d like to discuss compromising.

Often we’re told we need to compromise in order for various relationships to work, whether they be platonic, professional, or romantic.

To compromise means to have an equal give & take, I feel it also means having an understanding.

I think compromising can work against us though.

Many people start to shave off parts of themselves for the sake of acceptance from others & this can become a problem in any relationship.

I see nothing wrong with having an equal give & take or having a better understanding for the other party but I think lines can become blurred rather quickly.

I think if you compromise on something that you’re willing to give up or come to a common ground on, without it affecting you in any way, then that’s real.

You should never give up anything or settle for a common ground agreement if you’re not in agreeance.

Compromise can become unhealthy when you’re the only one ever giving something up.

Sometimes you start bending over backwards to please someone who isn’t willing to understand or meet you halfway just to please them & it’s only a matter of time before you do a backflip with all the compromising being done.

To avoid this from happening, honest communication must be had.

Sometimes having those hard conversations create the balance that’s needed without anyone having to compromise.

Sometimes what’s needed is just a conversation to better understand.

Compromising can be a beautiful thing when 2 people can come to a mutual agreement without feeling forced but when you give up something by force it’s a recipe for disaster.

I think sometimes all relationships require a little compromise but how far are you willing to go before it becomes unhealthy?

I think that’s a question people need to ask themselves more often to avoid the repercussions of compromising unwillingly.

Make sure to always stay true to yourself in any relationship so you avoid giving up pieces of yourself that you’re unwilling to part ways with.


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