Mental Health Monday – Week 73

This week I’d like to discuss worthiness.

So many people gauge their worthiness based off how others perceive them.

Their worth is contingent upon the likes of others, their materials, & the amount money they make or have.

People tend to become so codependent on validation they lose sight of their own worth.

Without praise, their worthiness meter declines.

It’s a scary place to find yourself in because if you’re constantly gauging your worthiness primarily on what other think of you then what is it that you think of yourself?

Your worth needs to be acknowledged by you before anyone else sees it.

You need to be so deeply rooted in knowing how worthy you truly are that the validation of others doesn’t wavier what you think or know about yourself.

Stop trying to convince others that you’re worthy of them or the spaces they occupy.

Convincing others of your worth is self-harming because it’s a sign that you lack faith within yourself, this distorted version of yourself seeking approval is really the projections others have casted upon you that you’ve adopted into your narrative.

For example, if you’ve been told that you’re ugly most of your life, you’ll grow up thinking you are in fact ugly.

This doesn’t mean that narrative is true, but your mind has been made to believe such things which then becomes the start of a negative internal monologue. – I covered seeking approval & validation, as well as internal monologues so be sure to check those posts out if you haven’t already.

Your worth has never been nor will it ever be something you need to prove.

I think it’s easy to feel like you have to prove something because 9 times out of 10, you’re put in position where you need to showcase your talents or why you’re deserving of something & you’re made to feel like you need to compete which is often done throughout our school & work careers.

I think this builds character but breaks self-esteem, especially when done early on.

I think to avoid feeling unworthy you need to honor yourself in full totality.

You must go deep within & tell yourself that you aren’t your mistakes, past traumas, or the helpless child/ teen you may have once been.

You need to radically advocate as a reminder to yourself that your worth is contingent upon you & only you.

I think that when you’re aligned with your souls purpose, your worth will be rooted in unwavering faith & trust.

I know how it feels to place your worthiness in the hands of others, by seeking validation & believing negative internalized monologues, it can become a hard habit to break especially when it’s served as a coping mechanism, but it isn’t impossible to rid of.

A great tool used to combat these things in a healthy way is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

With C.B.T. you’ll learn how to rewire your brain which will help combat any negative self-talk you may be programmed with, amongst other things.

Try checking this method out if you suffer from uncertainty pertaining yourself & your worthiness.

Manipulative people can & will try but never let anyone strip you of your worthiness or have you doubting it.

If you have people in your life who be little you or make you feel unworthy, remove yourself from their company.

Believing in yourself & capabilities wholeheartedly will have you never questioning your worthiness again.

I think we’re sometimes ungrateful for the blessings we receive because we self-sabotage or feel unworthy.

We have to stop letting society tell us who we’re not.

If it wasn’t for these structures built to rely on them, we wouldn’t hate ourselves so much.

We would feel more deserving of our blessings.

They want us in this mindset though, it’s easier to manipulate & torment then try to sell solutions & entertain us.

When we value ourselves, we would better trust God’s plan & therefore ourselves because a child of God is reflection.


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