Mental Health Monday – Week 77

This week I’d like to discuss when old feelings resurface.

Sometimes we get over things & then something can spark us to become trigged & those old feelings we thought we were over resurface.

When this happens, it can seem like our progress in healing hasn’t occurred at all but that isn’t true.

When old feelings resurface causing us to feel triggered, it’s a reflection of the work that still needs to be done within.

Needing & taking more time to heal a certain wound shouldn’t be viewed as failure.

It just means that an opportunity presented itself to have open & honest communication with yourself first & foremost but possibly with others as well if you’re up to that.

Not all triggers & past wounds require conversations with others, the most important person to communicate with in those moments is yourself.

Address how you feel, why you feel like this, & what can be done to put an end to you being triggered by whatever this matter may be for you.

Overcoming old feelings that resurface is not impossible, it just takes time, so be gentle with yourself while doing so.


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