Mental Health Monday – Week 79

This week I’d like to discuss the importance of grounding before grinding.

The misconception of consistently grinding 24/7 is a narrative created by corporate America to steadily encourage consumerism.

We’re taught to work hard at a very young age & most of us seen our families be an example of that mindset.

While there’s nothing wrong with working hard for the things you need & want in this life, there needs to be a balance in how you go about achieving this.

We were never taught to prioritize our mental health & wellness because our parents & generations before them weren’t ever taught to prioritize their needs.

Despite the things that weren’t taught to us, it’s important to know & also encourage people to ground their energy & prioritize their mental health before grinding.

People who don’t know how to separate themselves from work can show signs of anxiety, irritability, depression, & even rage.

To avoid these signs of burnout, make sure your diet consists of fruits & vegetables regularly, drink water to stay hydrated, rest for 7-9 hours as recommended by the National Sleep Foundation guidelines, meditate, do things that spark joy & creativity, exercise, but most importantly, find time to relax your body & mind.

Being in a state where you’re constantly on the go isn’t healthy.

Grounding your energy & being balanced in all areas of your life will leave you feeling energized & ready to take on what’s next with no problems.

Lack of doing this will create imbalance, mental fog, agitation, & aggression.

It’s important to be out here grounding before grinding because when you grind before grounding, your heart space & mental clarity are not on one accord causing lots of haze.


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