Mental Health Monday – Week 82

This week I’d like to discuss reclaiming & restoring ourselves.

Often we experience difficulties throughout life, some big, some small, nonetheless those moments can be extremely difficult for us to cope or overcome.

We can sometimes get stuck in those moments, letting them define who we are as individuals or even our entire existence.

Today I want you to close your eyes & imagine those difficult moments.

I want you to feel all the emotions there are to feel regarding this.

Breathe deeply knowing you’re grounded in today’s energy & not the past.

Inhale the energy of today & exhale the energy of the past.

Reclaim who you are in this very moment & restore your being with your purpose.

Release all the things that were ever said or done to make you think otherwise about yourself.

Providing information to you all can be informative but today I wanted to have you all physically partake in a breathing exercise I made up to help in reclaiming & restoring myself.

It’s so easy to become teared down by others & the things they say so today’s exercise is meant to uplift & make space for true fulfillment.


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