Mental Health Monday – Week 84

This week I’d like to discuss progress.

With 3 weeks left of 2022 I couldn’t help but mentally recap the year.

I’m extremely proud & thankful for all of my readers/ listeners, we’re at 84 weeks of consistently discussing mental health at the start of each week plus providing monthly tips to maintain healthy mental wellness!

Turning the blog into an audible podcast for those on the go has helped my following grow 183% according to my Spotify Wrapped analytics & I couldn’t be more grateful for those who tune in & listen.

I’ve made so many major moves this year, some of which include leaving my hometown of New York City.

It’s been a year since I’ve been back home, & while moving on was terrifying, I’ve found so much peace in doing so.

I think everyone should leave their hometown at least once to experience life outside of your usual environment.

I won’t say it was easy but it was definitely worth it.

I’ve started over in many ways & legitimized not just one but two businesses!

I’ve been gearing up to release merchandise & all sorts of MML™️ goodies.

I started my very own radio station entitled MML RADIO via Stationhead which consists of weekly curated playlists.

I’ve tapped deeper into my clairvoyant abilities & been brave enough to share my gifts with others during a time where spiritual guidance & protection is needed.

I’ve been working differently… more smarter, more strategic, & definitely more freely.

I remind myself often that comparison is the thief of joy & to not rush myself based off what others are doing.

There have been moments of struggle but going with the flow instead of against it has made surrendering to the alignment of things much easier.

I’m so thankful for the progress I’ve made all while prioritizing my mental health.

By staying true to myself & consistently checking in with myself & those closest to me to communicate honestly, it’s built better trust.

The beginning of the year was really tough, but I’m happy to be ending the year surrounded by so much love & supportive energy.

What progress have you made this year & what are some of your goals for 2023? – I pray that we as a collective all continue striving for the things we want to achieve & maintain our mental health in the process of the progress being made.

While it’s nice to have someone acknowledge us & our accomplishments, it hits differently when we validate & recognize ourselves so remember that it’s always a good time to be proud of your progress, big or small.


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