Mental Health Monday – Week 87

This week I’d like to discuss reading the signs.

In order for you to observe all the things that are being said & done, to & around you, attention must be paid to all the details.

Actions & words can be contradicting, always go by what’s being displayed rather than what’s heard.

It’s easy to hear something & take it for what you think or want it to mean instead of what it actually means.

Take lack of effort as lack of interest, regardless of what’s being said.

Take the bare minimum as a sign of unavailability.

Normalize not settling for anything that lowers your vibration.

Read the signs & pay attention to how your body feels & reacts to them.

Don’t go against your gut.

As we enter the new year, leave behind any kind of mistreatment of others.

No more lowering basic standards, doing so only results in getting trapped in cycles that you’re meant to surpass.

Give your time & energy to those who are emotionally prepared to meet you halfway & go the extra mile when needed.


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