Mental Health Monday – Week 88

Happy new year everyone!

This week I’d like to discuss projecting purpose instead of pain.

2021 & the beginning of 2022 were rough for me…

I had went through a lot of changes in my life.

I spent my 30th birthday in solitude & a majority of the year isolating to really go within.

In December of 2021 I left my studio apartment in my hometown (NY) & moved with my family to ATL.

I already had a lot of family there so it was welcoming but it still didn’t feel like home…

I had this unsettling feeling like I needed to be somewhere else.

Over the summer I moved again… this time I felt at peace.

Things started to become clear & I felt I was finally where I was meant to be.

When I got to my current location, I started getting major downloads & confirmation that this was where I belonged.

All the things I had been through prior started making sense like “ohh… so this had to happen so it can propel me forward…” – true aha moments in real time.

With those aha moments came clarity that instead of holding onto the pain & projecting that back into the universe, I’d project purposefully instead.

To be honest… through pain & learning more about myself was how the Mental Health Monday series came about.

Instead of overindulging in others or things, I tapped so deeply into myself.

When I rediscovered myself all over again, I pampered my inner child & teen with the love I needed back then.

I was able to transmute a lot of my childhood traumas by facing them headfirst & having those uncomfortable conversations which I encourage you all to do as well if you relate to feeling some of the things I mention throughout the series.

It wasn’t easy, lots of tears were shed through this process but it was necessary.

After the tears came laughter.

Laughter at how much I endured but still came out on top despite everything!

The resilience & capabilities to overcome adversity & innerstand myself had been transformative beyond measure.

I feel by projecting purpose instead of pain, we can crack open the heart space to really appreciate where we’re at & to always stay in gratitude as we move forward.

My message to you all as we enter a new year is not to let your pain harden you to the point of no return.

Stop running from yourself & your issues.

We can’t float through life constantly trying to escape ourselves.

Productively use your pain in ways that aren’t toxic or harmful to others.

Sometimes we gain gifts through our pain & in that, we need to be projecting purpose instead of projecting pain.

Learn to take disappointment & turn it into delight.

Become satisfied with your life instead of just being content with it.

Learn to navigate your emotions instead of trying to control outcomes or others & don’t allow your limitations to define you as a person.

We don’t need to claim the dis-ease in our lives, we just need to reassess & healthily create the ease we seek.


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